My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.

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Noah Ljungberg www.noahljungberg.se

Object “Förlåt” 110 cm x 720 cm neon and zink

The New Coastway Halmstad 

Förlåt is the swedish word for sorry or forgive. The sculpture is powered by its own wind craft and is therefor lit by night. 
Personally I experience it every time I drive by it. (“Förlåt” was built in order to be seen from the road nearby.) Driving home in the dark, and suddenly seeing a bright light telling you “Sorry”, for me, its quite special. 

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fixat lite mys ! ✨📷🎆

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glitter + sammet = bäst

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första avsnittet, finally!!! iiiih, mitt hjärta bankar så hårt för jag är så peppad, omg!!!🎈🎭🎪 #ahs #freakshow

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best moment in television ever

biggest plot twist in television EVER. 

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